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Paul Lacy

First from Jody:

What can I say about Paul and his love for bikes?  When I first met Paul back in 1999, he was so excited to introduce me to the world of cycling.  I was already a runner so he was convinced I would love it.  He even purchased us matching yellow GIANT road bikes.  He was right…I fell in love with cycling. So many miles were eaten up by us on those bikes.  We fell into a heady life of running, riding, riding and riding.  We married and our garage was filled with our bikes…that never changed.  Eventually Paul had a hankering to try out recumbent bikes. He seemed fascinated with them. I still remember the day he rode his first recumbent bike…a yellow Bachetta.  He took to it easily and was tooling around the bike store parking lot with ease.  He inspired me to get a recumbent trike and for a couple of years, I was loving my trike and he was loving his recumbent bike….Then….CRUZBIKES….he was so excited to try this wonderful new contraption.  It was a love affair from the start and he never looked back.  First the Q45, then the S40 and finally the V20c.  He was in heaven….After every ride, he would look at me…there would be a dramatic pause….and he would say….I love my bike.  I would nod and he would go about his business.  He so loved the Cruzbike retreats and told me stories and stories about his adventures.

Now that he has passed, I am reminded of his love for cycling every time I put my foot into a cleat.  He is with me on every ride.  I know that he is flying above me, waiting for the end of the ride to look over and tell me with a huge smile …I love my bike.

From the Tribe:

Paul was a great man and loved by all (he is on the far right in the photo). He spread a sense of youthful exuberance and joy wherever he went. Little did most people know that Paul had stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer. We all loved to be around him, and knowing him made our lives a little better.

At the end of March 2023, he posted this to Facebook:

"I am the luckiest man in the world. I have great friends, great neighbors, great co-workers, and great racquetball competitors. I also have wonderful parents. Let’s face it, I truly have what people really crave: love, laughter, and a life of people who love me.

I may have never been able to be around all the people who have meant so much to me all the time. However, they are all still part of me.

Here’s the crux of the matter: My body has decided to give up after weeks of suffering. A lot of you may have questions; however, I ask you to save your breath. I will not respond. The only answer I can give you is that I have stage 4 metastatic melanoma cancer that is now in my brain. I have decided to stop treatment and let nature take it’s course.

If you want to send thoughts and prayers, please do so. If it makes you feel better, it makes me feel better.

I understand that the people that will be most affected by this are my family: my sons Kyle (his wife Ashley) and Ross, my granddaughters Hayden and Brinley, my sisters Jane, Anne, and Susan, and my brother Mike. I want to also include all the cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Lastly, I would like to repeat that I am the luckiest man in the world, being married to the most vivacious, energetic, loving, and beautiful woman. Thank you, Jody, so much.

I am not afraid of death, and I am prepared to move on to the next realm. Thanks to all of you who have shared my life with me. Love to you all."

Paul loved to write poems. Here is one he crafted shortly after the BRAG 2022 event, where he rode his Red V20C with about 20 of his Cruzbike friends:

So here we were in 2022

From as far away as Missouri or Katmandu

Well maybe not that far but it was a drag

driving from my house to the beginning of BRAG

It turned out to be well worth the long drive

Because a trip like this makes you feel so alive

riding on bikes that soar down the road or gravelly lane

This fun and excitement keep one from going insane

I annoyed poor Rick and made Maria pay for a cone

Surrounded by friends, one was never alone

So lets get started and talk about each day

As we mounted our Cruzbikes and biked away

Before we started, some made a bit of a fuss

When Larry and others had troubles on the bus

A four-hour trip ended up lasting many hours.

Honestly, it would have left my mood quite sour

Then Ken found out those camping indoors had no bed

With no mattress of his own, ‘Go get one’ I said

But Karen was prepared, as she brought her own camper

She would do an out and back on her bike she would scamper

On our first day, we twisted and turned all over the place

Maria Rick and others took the wrong turn, and the route they took was misplaced.

They were just making a donut run, which is what they said

Nope, just a leader whose group members were misled.

The next day, the hills were not too hard to find

But my new V20C did not seem to mind

I passed many uprights going up each hill

And scream past them downhill Oh, what a thrill!

We stopped in a town that packaged peaches and ice cream

Bikes, fun folks, a cute town—we were living the dream

Eric the boy wonder or should I say the man intern

They followed us with ice and well wishes at every turn

Several of us ate at a nice restaurant in town

After dilly-dallying awhile, the rain came pouring down

We got back to camp and it was a mucky mess

But on a week-long bike trip, one would expect nothing less

Angela lost her voice for a while

All she could do was nod yes or no with a smile

She was the only one who brought a Q45

A neon yellow bike with colorful signs, she did ride

I tagged along with Jeff and Robert most of the time

When Robert decided to do a 180 on the tarmac of grime

It scared me so bad I figured it out when I stopped and looked around

That poor Robert would be plastered askew on the ground

But he popped up from the fall like this was no big deal

It was not like he had just managed a stunt that sent him reeling.

His bike did suffer from this calamitous feat

As his wheel was bent and the spokes did not meet

Fortunately, Jim had a backup plan, as there was the T50

Its not built for speed but both Eric and Robert thought it was nifty

It may not be the fastest of the Cruzbike set

But it proved to ride well, and expectations were met

On one of our rides, we got to see a lettuce farm

No dirt used; only water does the environment any harm

Great big leafy lettuce being grown in a building of heat

Get me some blue cheese dressing; it is time to eat!

On the last day of our rides, Jeff and I joined a fast pace line

I jumped in behind David Barbara and Maria, and it was fine

A group of V20's were scooting at high speeds, passing all in sight

I could not stifle my smile, try as I might

Then icing on the cake after we all finish our tour

Larry goes and breaks a record—a huge effort, I am sure

So BIG thanks for the chips, drinks, and camaraderie

Jim, Maria, Eric, and Robert, you made it the best for me!

Rest in peace, Paul. It was an honor to share these moments with you!

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