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Velos available -

There are 3 different models of velomobiles - some with multiple versions. Here they all are:


After Eggert Bülk and Jens Buckbesch designed and still popular the Milan in 2005, they the designed the Bülk-MK1 in 2021.

It implements a new space utilization and aerodynamic concept. The findings from various wind tunnel tests were also taken into account.

The Bülk MK1 velomobile is a muscle-powered vehicle for sports, leisure and mobility in general. Although it is technically a trike, it can do much more: it offers excellent weather protection, high riding comfort, high safety and requires considerably less power than a racing bike for the same speed.


The velomobile Milan SL was built in 2005 by Eggert Bülk and Jens Buckbesch for racing events and record drives. Since then, this velomobile has set a number of world records.

To this day, this record bike has been continuously improved and optimized for everyday use. Weight, stiffness, comfort and features that improve everyday use are continuously optimized. 

With its CW value of 0.1, the Milan is aerodynamically at the top. That is why you only need around 160 watts of pedal power for a speed of 50 km/h. This creates an enormous daily range. 

Records: 2010 - Christian von Ascheberg competed 1219 km in 24 hours.

2019 Bill Thornton (58 years old) set the 200 m sprint at f 97.96 km/h in Battle Mountain.

Whether as a commuter vehicle, a holiday velomobile or a year-round sports device: with the Milan you fly towards your destination and it is often difficult not to get the grin off your face…


The velomobile Milan SL is slighter slimmer version of the Original GT. Its a little more areo but requires a slighter smaller frame to fit inside it. 


The Alpha 7 is a great all rounder, with the weight of ~22 kg is it a light and stiff.

Alpha 7 has a light and stiff body, made from 100% carbon composite, has open front wheel wells and carbon wheel covers. It has a very significant air intake and front “engine” hood. The tail and hatch for the derailleur and rear axle are very narrow.

With the Alpha you can reach quite high speeds and the maintenance is easy.

People from 1.55m to 1.90m find room in the Alpha7. This is achieved, among other things, by offering 4 different seat sizes. Seat size L has recently become available in a more ergonomic version. Not only can differences in length of up to 14 cm be compensated for, but the seat can also be adjusted in height, another unique selling point. A great feature is that the seats can be removed without tools and exchanged with other sizes. Practical when, for example, several people use the same velomobile.

The space in the Alpha 7 is enormous. In the shoulder and arm area it is a generous 55-57cm. Packing spaces on the left, right and behind the seat, as well as shoes, laptop, etc. find sufficient space in this space wonder. An included chain cover reliably prevents equipment or clothing from being “eaten” or soiled by the chain.

The dimensions of the Alpha 7: length 257cm, chassis width 67cm, max. width 71cm, height 89cm, track width 66,5cm, axle distance 131,5cm.


The M9, which was created from the Alpha 9 Form, has all the features too, but a little lower and a little shorter, the entry opening, width and floor have remained the same for both (except for the length from the floor) Thanks to this construction, various parts can be built into both velomobiles and no new shapes have to be made for e.g. the hood or the bridge with integrated wheel arches.

Base Price: €11.900,- including 19% VAT


Experience a new dimension of riding pleasure with the W9, the latest model in the Alpha series! This velomobile offers you a perfect combination of technology, design and riding pleasure that will inspire you.


With a length of 2.60 m, the W9 is just as long as the M9, but with a slightly narrower 72 cm and a modified shape. The track is 6 cm narrower.

Another special feature of the W9 is the possibility to position the seat up to 1.5 cm lower than on the current M9. This gives you a better seating position in terms of driving dynamics. In addition, the front has been widened by 1.5 cm at the point where contact can occur between the chassis and the feet, thus increasing the available crank space.

Despite the reduction of the outer dimensions, the W9 offers space for riders up to 1.80m with shoe size 44, even taller riders up to 1.85m will find room if crank lengths of 140mm are used. The entry area is 3 cm narrower at the front than on the M9, but identical again at the rear, making it more suitable for real women. The rider position is identical to the M9.

The W9 is not only technically at the highest level, but also a visual highlight. With its lowered top and slightly grown wedge shape, it looks VERY sexy.

Another unique selling point of the W9 are the well-known details of the Alpha class such as the excellent wind resistance, the wishbone that withstands accidents, the flanged entry edge, the dominant shoulders and head scoop as well as the crash-optimized front entry edge.

Base Price: €11.900,- including 19% VAT


The A9 was designed to accommodate tall people up to ~2.10m without compromising on crank length. Due to the different proportions of people, even if they are the same size, this has not been achieved to the full extent. Daniel has now reworked the A9 to offer a velomobile without compromise to people up to ~2.10m. The A9.2 has been created.

The basis for the A9.2 is not the A9 but the M9. The M9 is a further development of the A9. Made for people up to about 1.88m with a more harmoniously modelled “face” and improved forward visibility. Due to the redesign of the A9 chassis, the knee room of the M9 has been reduced by about 3.5cm, but still offers more than enough space. By moving the entrance to the front, performance on streets and wind stability have also been improved. In detail, the M9 chassis is 2.5cm less high. In the shape of a wedge, 7.5cm (tapering to zero at the rear) have been cut out of the A9 chassis. The entrance has been moved forward by 2cm.

The changes to the A9.2 and adjustments to the chassis are now as follows. As already mentioned, the basis for the A9.2 is not the A9 but the M9. The chassis has now been raised by 4 cm. As a result, the front light is also 4 cm higher. The entire front area is 6 cm longer. By shifting the entrance area 5cm to the rear, the new A9.2 offers an incredible amount of space for very tall riders. Another benefit of this measure is that the arm position is much more comfortable when tank steering and there is more pressure on the rear wheel. The hood area has also been slightly revised for a harmonious design. Last but not least, the maintenance cover has been lowered by 2 cm to make maintenance work more comfortable. All these adjustments now create uncompromising space for riders up to ~2.10m with a free choice of crank length.

Due to its “mighty” appearance, the A9.2 is highly visible in road traffic, but hardly affects the aerodynamics. Especially with the new bonnet it is a real pleasure. A fogged-up windscreen is a thing of the past. Even at low speeds, no fogging is to be expected. That is currently unique.

Furthermore, the 9 class remains the reference in terms of wind stability and performance on streets. Light, stiff in the drivetrain as well as in the chassis – Daniel’s maxim!

Soon Daniel will introduce a Canopy with double side glazing, which will make the 9 Class even faster. Also available with Tiller steering, but Daniel is clearly in favour of tank steering. A clear recommendation from him as the handling is excellent, especially with armrests. In addition, the Steering Levers are very flexible at the sides so that they do not pose a danger in a crash.

Base Price: €11.900,- including 19% VAT

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