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Aerodynamic Setup & Test

If you're a cyclist looking to gain that extra edge in speed and performance, the Aerodynamic Setup & Test Service is your key to unlocking the full potential of your bike. Larry is possibly the most aero Cruzbiker in the world. This has come through exhaustive real world testing and refinement. Larry will help you fine-tune you and your bike's aerodynamics, ensuring that you slice through the air with minimal resistance to maximize your speed.

What's Included:

  • Aerodynamic Assessment: Larry will assess your and your Cruzbike's current aerodynamic profile, identifying areas where improvements can be made to reduce air resistance.
  • Component Optimization: Larry will recommend and install aerodynamic components such as aero handlebars, deep-rim wheels, and streamlined accessories to enhance your Cruzbike's aerodynamic efficiency.
  • Body Position Analysis: Proper body positioning is crucial for aerodynamics. Larry will also analyze and adjust your riding posture to minimize wind resistance while maintaining comfort and power output.
  • Wind Tunnel Testing: This is Larry's "pipe dream" ! When it becomes a reality you'll be one of the first ones to know if you are on his mailing list

  • Test Rides: Before and after adjustments, Larry will conduct repeatable test rides with you to ensure that your bike's aerodynamics not only enhance speed but also maintain handling and stability.

  • Data Analysis: Larry will analyze the data collected during the on-road test rides to make informed re-adjustments for optimal aerodynamic performance. He'll show you exactly how much faster you are with the changes.

Why Choose Aerodynamic Setup & Test:

  • Speed Advantage: Gain a significant advantage in speed with the same effort, whether you're competing in races or simply aiming for faster rides.
  • Personalized Optimization: Larry's expertise will tailor the aerodynamic setup to your specific Cruzbike, body, and riding style, ensuring that you get the most out of your bike.
  • Data-Driven Approach: Larry uses personally collected data on you and your riding to validate the improvements, providing you with measurable results.
  • Competitive Edge: For racers, an optimized aerodynamic setup can be the difference between winning and trailing behind the competition.

How to Schedule an Aerodynamic Setup & Test:

  • Contact Larry to schedule an appointment for your aerodynamic setup and test.
  • Bring your Cruzbike to the Museum at the designated time. (Note: Although not optimal, Larry can perform this service remotely as long as you have a repeatable loop you can ride without interruption and a power meter on your Cruzbike)
  • Larry will perform the assessment, make adjustments, and supervise the testing and analysis.
  • After the service, you'll be ready to experience a faster, more aerodynamic ride.

Experience the thrill of enhanced speed and performance with Aerodynamic Setup & Test. Larry's precision tuning ensures that your Cruzbike slices through the air effortlessly, helping you achieve new levels of speed and efficiency. Schedule your aerodynamic setup and test today to gain the competitive edge you've been looking for.

$50.00 Per Hour

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