Larry Oslund

Larry Oslund, curator and owner of the Cruzeum, is a devoted Cruzbike enthusiast. Since 2014, he has ridden over 150,000 miles on his Cruzbikes, advocating for ultracycling and recumbents. Larry's dedication to Cruzbike extends to preserving its history and amassing a remarkable collection of Cruzbike models. He constructed a dedicated 1000-square-foot space on Hilton Head Island to house this unique collection, which includes rare models and artifacts. Larry's passion for Cruzbike led to an official partnership, making the Cruzeum an authorized Cruzbike dealer. His space showcases the latest Cruzbike models, Cruzbike jerseys, and a Zwift training area. Visitors are welcome to explore the Cruzeum and engage in Cruzbike discussions. Purchasing from the Cruzeum helps support this remarkable endeavor.

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